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Bored?bad server? are you a kid?Do you have a kid?

Generally we play 10-20 hours a week, We have a few friends but their skill varies and we don't make any money from playing. Gaming is mainly a hobby of ours. story.

Passionate gamer

Not enough money?Not enough time to play? little-No gaming education?

We spend a decent time a day gaming.On average we have hundreds of hours between 2 games.We might make money sometimes gaming but not often. We would love to play in tournaments and sometimes do wagers but haven't gotten many chances to do so.

The expert

Looking for career a career?

We play multiple games in a week. we know what wagers and tournaments are.We're looking to make money gaming.

The "Moderate" Gamer

Lack of friends to play? Bad teammates?

Generally we like to play for fun.(2-5 hours a week), We don't play often. People leave. no one to talk to.

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