What subscription do you have?

Please keep in mind that the subscription held by the winner DOES determine the value and quantity of the prize! Let us know what prize you want to win in the discord!

Choosing the right one

joining tournaments

each subscription comes with their own benefits. When you are unsure which one is best for you, think of all of your issues. Once your ready, let us help you solve them.

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Are you interested in the tournaments or wagers?

Submit your *Name* *Email* and *quick message* telling us the game you play and how often. Writing your reason for playing will also help us in determining which subscription is best for your needs!


About services.

Joining the appropriate discord inbox you will find an opponent. From there you type the type of game,type and @opponent. Once either you or opponent has agreed you may start. If this is a private wager/competition one or both parties SHOULD record to be accurate in judgement.Submit recording to appropriate chat.

Yes you can play however often you'd like. Tournaments,wagers and all other services will be updated frequently in the discord server.It varies depending on how much you are looking to earn,within what time frame, and how many players are currently available to play. 1 on 1 is amongst the fastest ways to earn commissions and usually the lowest amount of earnings aswell.

First you'd need to determine how many games you want to earn commissions on 1-4. Assuming you already have an account on the gaming platform log into the discord sent through Email from us. We'd like for you to record yourself playing (this will be used on social medias) but is NOT REQUIRED.


Payment can take up to 3 weeks on your first commission (New accounts only) and thereafter between 3-5 business days.